#1 Rated Teeth Whitening Toronto

Get your teeth over 10 shades whiter with our non-invasive teeth whitening system. 

  • Over 4-12 Shades Whiter In Under 60 Minutes!

  • Dental-Grade Ingredients
  • Safe for Veneers, Caps and Crowns
  • Painless, Safe and Quick
  • FDA Approved

  • Fluoride-Free & Vegan Free

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  • ✨ 60 min Treatment
  • ✨ Get 10+ Shades Whiter
  • ✨ Buy Now, User Later

Teeth whitening treatment was top notch. Just do it, you won’t regret it!

Robert W., Mississauga

My teeth were gross because of the years of smoking and drinking coffee (generally instead of water). Once I completed the stop smoking program and stayed smoke free for 6+months, I wanted to undo the years of abuse on my teeth. They managed to make a difference of 14 shades whiter! Almost unbelievable, but I am a believer in what this clinic can do. 2 for 2 Win in my books!

Gianni B., Toronto

Shout out to the Nulife Team for making my teeth 13 shades lighter than when I came in! I now feel like my smile is INSTA ready, and I don’t have to edit the picture before posting now.

Mirella T., Beaches

I was skeptical about trying the Nulife teeth whitening program because of the price point, but I took the plunge anyway. Super happy I did because the results are so amazing and I feel I really got my money’s worth! The Nulife team was attentive and meticulous with their application and throughout the treatment. I would absolutely recommend the teeth whitening treatment with Nulife Laser and Wellness Clinic.

Kelly M., Woodbridge

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  • ✨ 60 min Treatment
  • ✨ Get 10+ Shades Whiter
  • ✨ Free Pre & Post Whitening ($99)
  • ✨ Buy Now, Use Later