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Overcome Substance dependency & Minimize Cravings

A Modern Method to Help Eliminate Withdrawals and Cravings for Substance Abuse with our proprietary laser therapy program.

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Substance Use Disorder Program

The NuLife Laser Substance Use Disorder Program offers an innovative and non-invasive multi-therapy approach to address substance dependency. This program stands out as a completely drug-free and pain-free option, providing a gentle yet effective path for individuals seeking to overcome addiction.

What distinguishes this program is its utilization of our exclusive combination of traditional acupuncture techniques and our proprietary advanced laser technology. This creates a powerful tool for individuals to regain control over their lives and achieve lasting recovery.

Our substance use disorder (SUD) program is based on scientific evidence and has been meticulously developed by a team of experts specializing in substance abuse management, traditional acupuncture, nutrition, and overall health. It provides a straightforward and expedient method for overcoming substance addiction.

Highly effective, non-invasive laser therapy: 85% success, leading addiction treatment globally.

WARNING! Seeking Treatment May Help You Recover!

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How we can help...

The key to Reducing Withdrawals & Crushing Craving

Are you struggling to overcome substance abuse and reduce cravings? Do you find it challenging to break free from addictive patterns? You’re not alone. At NULIFE Laser & Wellness Clinic, we specialize in helping individuals overcome substance abuse and achieve lasting recovery. Let us support you on your journey towards a healthier, happier NuLife.


Founded on neuroscience

NuLife Laser Substance Abuse Program is a revolutionary approach to recovery with our state-of-the-art low-level laser technology to assist you in reducing or stopping substance dependency.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, ear acupuncture—also known as auricular-therapy—targets specific ear points that are used to release neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin, the endorphins that control the pleasure centres of the brain. Stimulating the body’s natural release of these helps to break the addiction cycle, removing dependency from substance. When you stimulate the correct acupoint, your brain can release the neurotransmitters that eliminate cravings from addiction withdrawal.

Our innovation technology, combined with our behavioural modification therapy, counselling, nutritional guidance, detox & support, boasts an exceptional success rate of over 85%.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Process

Our NuLife laser quit substance abuse program is unlike any other

Our clinic treatments are not a replacement for essential therapy and support. They work alongside these vital components to accelerate your substance abuse recovery effectively. When combined with comprehensive treatment and a supportive environment, our personalized laser therapy sessions act as a powerful catalyst for your journey to sobriety.


Assessment & Goal Setting

Begin with a thorough assessment of substance use and establish achievable reduction or abstinence goals.


Treatment Plan & Counselling

Create a customized plan that may involve therapy and counselling to address behavioural and psychological aspects of dependency. The frequency of laser therapy treatments varies based on your specific goals and dedication to long-term recovery. Each session is thoughtfully scheduled to support your progress, facilitating gradual improvements on your path to overcoming substance abuse


Lifestyle Changes

Encouraging individuals to make positive lifestyle changes, such as adopting a healthier diet, regular exercise, and stress management techniques, can contribute to long-term success.


Maintenance & Relapse Prevention

Learning relapse prevention strategies is a vital part of treatment. Individuals acquire tools to identify and manage triggers or setbacks. Following the initial treatment phase, on going program support and follow-ups are crucial to help individuals sustain their progress and prevent relapse.

Program Benefits

We Help You Stay Healthy

Accelerate Your Recovery our with Advanced Innovation Substance abuse Program

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What Are Patients are Saying

Joe P
Joe P
a year ago
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Ali B
Ali B
April 2023
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Laser treatment for substance abuse at NuLife Laser & Wellness Clinic is a true breakthrough. I never thought I could break free from addiction, but their personalized approach and cutting-edge technology have made it possible. Trust me, it works!"
Cherry F
Cherry Fa month a go
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Laser acupuncture therapy at NuLife was the missing piece in my journey to recovery. It provided the support I needed to conquer drug addiction once and for all.

The Treatment Cost

Your Health Is An Investment, Not An Expense

At NuLife, our laser therapy program for substance abuse is tailored to your unique goals and needs. We customize the program’s duration to align with your individual requirements.

For detailed information on program costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is happy to provide you with all the necessary details and guide you through the process. It’s important to note that our programs are often covered by extended health insurance plans, and we accept patients with or without insurance.

We’re here to support you every step of the way!”